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Seishin Regenerative Medicine performs cutting-edge anti-aging treatment on the basis of regenerative medicine.

Celution Rejuvenation Therapy (transplantation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells)

This is regenerative medicine-based rejuvenation therapy in which fat and adipose tissue-derived stem cells are collected from the thighs and abdomen and injected into the wrinkles on the face, depressed areas in the cheeks, or dents in the templesto form a plump appearance. The Celution System is used to extract stem cells, which produces a much higher fat graft survival than rejuvenation by conventional fat injection. The anti-aging therapy exclusively performed at our clinics has an excellent safety profile with no concern about allergic reactions. We also provide a treatment plan (concurrent injection of PRP) to increase fat graft survival, collagen production, and tissue reorganization potential.


Premium PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy has been developed by dramatically enhancing the efficacy of New-PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy, a rejuvenation therapy with platelets present in the blood.
The addition of growth factors to PRPallows treatment ofdeep wrinkles, such as nasolabial grooveshat are difficult to manage with conventional platelet therapy. This is a new-generation procedure for platelet injection that uses the patient’s own blood to improve all symptoms without injecting foreign material, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.


New-PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy

PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy is a cutting-edge rejuvenation procedure (regenerative medicine) with the use of the patient’s own blood. In the
New-PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy, we use PRP that is three to five times richer in platelets than that for conventional PRP therapy and inject platelet-rich plasma containing autologous white blood cells, thereby improving the efficacy. Platelets work to potentiate the body’s innate natural healing power and tissue reorganization potential and improve irregularities, such as fine wrinkles under the eyes and acne marks.


New Derma Roller Therapy

A roller with about 200 ultrafine, medical-grade, stainless steel needles is rolled on the skin surface to improvewrinkles, sags, pores, acne marks, and pregnancy stretch marks.
Micropunctures in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and the dermis induce the secretion of a variety of growth factors and production of collagen.New Derma Roller Therapyrejuvenates the skin by taking advantage of human physiological reaction, that is, micropuncture-induced skin regeneration. We also provide a treatment plan in which the efficacy is enhanced by rubbing PRP into the skin.


Regenerative medicine-based anti-aging menu Specific operation Major indications Effective period
Celution Rejuvenation Therapy (transplantation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells)

(*Option Premium PRP Injection)
Injection of fat and adipose tissue-derived stem cells ・Hollow cheeks
・Depressed areas in the temples
・Depressed areas under the eyes
・Nasolabial grooves
・Deep wrinkles around the mouth
・Lips, etc.
Very effective for age-related sunken face and deep wrinkles such as hollow cheeks and depressed areas. May be injected into multiple sites at a time. long-term
Premium PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy Injection of platelet component (PRP) and growth factors ・Nasolabial grooves
・Depressed areas around the eyes
・Wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes
・Wrinkles between the eyebrows
・Horizontal forehead furrows
・Wrinkles around the mouth
・Irregularities from acne marks
・Wrinkles on the neck, etc.
May improve deep wrinkles such as nasolabial grooves. Suitable for persons periodically receiving hyaluronic acid injections because of the durability and beautiful finish. 3 years or more
New-PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy Injection of platelet component (PRP) ・Fine wrinkles and crepy skin around the eyes
・Dark eye circles
・Irregularities from acne marks, etc.
Effective particularly for crepy skin under the eyes that are difficult to treat by laser or hyaluronic acid injection. May improve irregularities from acne marks. 1 year or more
New Derma Roller Therapy Treatment with a medical-grade roller ・Fine wrinkles
・Irregularities from acne marks (craters)
・Open pores
・Age spots
・Pregnancy stretch marks
・Stretch marks
Suitable for persons who are concerned about fine wrinkles, pores, and acne marks. About 3 to 6 repeated injections induce collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. 1 year or more
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