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Flowchart of StemSource® Stem Cell Bank

The process of the stem cell bank is in accordance with the good tissue practice (GTP) established by the FDA in the United States (the counterpart of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan) and the stem cell bank system (160 items) established by Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. Patients are strictly managed with the dedicated system.

(1) Counseling

写真:カウンセリングYour physician gives counseling.
Feel free to ask anything you want to know.

 (2) Registration of patient information

写真:患者情報登録Patient information and a unique bar code are registered in the dedicated system, which issues an ID card. The dedicated system is accessible only from the stem cell bank facility of the Seishin Regenerative Medicine and protected against external unauthorized access.

(3) Collection of adipose tissue

写真:脂肪組織の採取Conventional liposuction is performed to collect 100 to 260 cc of adipose tissue.

 (4) Processing

写真:処理 In the stem cell storage room, the Celution® 900/MB System is used for automated separation, cleaning, concentration, and extraction of stem cells for cryopreservation (banking) from the collected adipose tissue.


(5) Processing for cryopreservation

写真:凍結保存処理Extracted stem cells are processed (*) for cryopreservation according to operating procedures. The amount of stem cells is measured and registered.
* A cryoprotectant and human serum albumin are added to prevent cell death caused by rapid freezing.

(6) Cryopreservation

写真:凍結保存Processed stem cells are frozen. Cell suspension prepared in (5) is placed in a program freezer (deep freezer), and the temperature is gradually decreased from +4°C to −90°C over 60 minutes with intracellular and extracellular osmolalities controlled. Then, cells are stored in a nitrogen tank at −150°C.

(7) Issuance of an ID card

写真:IDカード発行 A special ID card is issued. This card is needed when stem cells are used.

How about my case?  May I use the stem cell bank? Frequently asked questions and precautions For more information (Stem Cell Bank FAQ)

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